We love to talk about stories. We’re busy little bees that read a lot and we love to share our opinions on novels and novellas. We like fun and banter and our reviews do reflect that but it’s important to us to always be respectful of authors and their work. We’re both writers ourselves, so we know how much commitment, frustration and work go into a novel and we admire every author that manages to finish writing a book – it’s hard work, we know. However we also firmly believe in always stating our honest opinion. We don’t sugarcoat if we don’t like something about a novel and we won’t shy away from saying what bothers us and why in detail.

Something that’s very important to us is diversity and here at The Bookabelles we will not accept racism, homophobia or any other form of discrimination at all. You won’t see us get mad often but should it happen, the reason will probably be discriminating content. However the thing most important to us is spreading the word about books we love. We’re here to help you discover your next favourite book and we want you to have fun! If you’d like you can always drop us a message via the comments or the contact page. We love to hear from you!

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