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So you might know by now that I am a huge goddamn Tolkien geek. But Tolkien is, of course, not the only Fantasy writer I love. From trashy classics like the “John Carter” stories to complicated treasures like Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Darkover” novels and behemoths like “A Song of Ice and Fire” (do not speak to me about the show), I just love to delve into strange worlds full of magic and heroism and intrigue and all that other good stuff. And for some reason, Fantasy as a genre has always been a lot more connected with music than any other genre of literature – very likely because of all the power metal I’ve listened to during my formative years, while I was also gorging myself on fantasy novels.

And because I like to help people find new things to love, I want to introduce you to a few of the bands and singers who have touched me the most as a fantasy fan. Continue Reading

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One thing that comes up in many of our reviews is historical accuracy. That’s because Ludo and I are both major history nerds. I studied History and Prehistoric Archaeology because of my immense love for history, which I can only thank my Dad for. He let me watch history programmes every Sunday morning when I was a child and I think that’s when it started. I saw that one programme about the Titanic about a million times and the Titanic era is still one of my favourite historical periods to this day. Ludo got her love for history from her grandpa, who has been collecting history books and historical novels since the 1940s. So yeah, historical accuracy. That’s important to us and that’s why we get extra nitpicky when it comes to historical fiction. Here’s why it’s so important. Continue Reading

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13 Reasons Why Mental Illness“13 Reasons Why” has raised quite a bit of attention when it was released on Netflix earlier this year. An adaptation of a bestselling YA novel, and one of Netflix’ by now pretty famous direct-to-stream productions, it’s been hailed as ‘The show you have to binge watch next’. And it’s true that this show was extremely bingeable. At the beginning, you are presented with the premise:

There are 13 people who are responsible for the suicide of Hannah Baker, and with every episode, another person’s name and story will be revealed. You get to know a whole cast of people surrounding the main character, Clay, through whose ears we hear Hannah’s story, and you just want to know which of those people is one of the reasons, and if you find out that one person is a reason before their episode, you want to find out what they did.

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