Now that The Bookabelles have properly taken off, I’ve found myself reading a lot more than I used to. Just a comparison: I did not actually read anything from November to December, then I scored 3 for January, 7 for Februrary, and 9 for March. I know, of course, that reading is not a numbers game; but I still feel really, really good about the fact that I’m reading so much again. I’m a slow reader, as I might have mentioned before, and at my best I currently manage 50 pages an hour; but I’ve been able to funnel the time I’d otherwise have spent re-watching Elementary or Brooklyn Nine Nine or old Colbert Report episodes whenever I’ve got free time into something that feels a lot more productive, and something that, in the end, actually leads to something truly productive – The Bookabelles blog.

I am extremely grateful to Ella for putting up with my shit (I’m notorious for writing my posts on Wednesday and freaking out about not getting them up soon enough, and since I’m a little on the lazy side I don’t have back-up posts). I’m also extremely grateful to Ella for putting together this awesome, beautiful website. To be honest, while Ella might have had a lot of better co-bloggers, I doubt I could have found anybody better than her. (On the other hand, I’m a fucking sweetheart and smart as shit, so I guess there is something I can offer Ella after all).

I’m looking forward to April, and to all the books on my nightstand waiting to be devoured. I’ll be trying to read through some books I’ve had standing around since as long as 2006, so you can look forward to being reminded of some treasures you might either have already forgotten about, or didn’t notice when they were first released. I hope you’ll stay with us for the next month, and the month after that, and so forth, and that you’ll continue to enjoy following our adventure in the world of books!


March was a bit of a reading revelation for me too. I read seven books and started many more which is quite a lot compared with the two books I read in February. Having a book blog reminded my of why I love reading and I’m so glad I found my way back to loving books. In that Ludovica and I have a lot in common apparently. She’s right, she is a sweetheart and I love having her as a co-blogger even though I sometimes have to poke her into finishing up her posts. But The Bookabelles is about loving books and about fun for me and I wouldn’t want to run this blog with anyone else.

March was a beautiful month altogether, despite a lot of real life stress. Spring arrived, the magnolias in my neighbour’s back garden are in full bloom and it’s absolutely time for me to tidy up my balcony so I can read outside in April. Years of buying books but not reading them have left my bookshelves full of unread gems I can’t wait to finally read. One thing’s for sure, Ludo and I won’t run out of books to review anytime soon and we’re also planning some content that’s not necessarily book related which I’m really excited about. All I’ve left to say is that I love this blog, I love my co-blogger and I hope The Bookabelles are going to stay around for a long time.

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Ludovica is a translator, writer and aspiring librarian, which is why she already practices getting as many books into her overflowing shelves as possible. She lives in the heart of the Alps, but dreams of a life in Canada.

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