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This saturday it’s time for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon again! This year, Ludo and I will both be participating, reading as many pages as possible in 24 hours. I’m a patient reader, I can go for hours on end, but 24 hours is quite a lot, isn’t it? So let’s see what happens! For warm-up, Ludo and I have decided to make a neat little list of the books we’ve chosen to read this Readathon. In an attempt to minimise our ever growing to be read piles, all the books wer’re about to read this weekend (except for one, oops) have been waiting on our shelves and ebook readers for quite some time now. It’s time to finally read them!


Since it’s my first Readathon, I’ve decided on a handful of shorter novels to read, most of them being under 300 pages long. I also decided on books I’m sure I will like enough to stick with them for a few hours each. I’ve also tried to choose books from many different genres so I won’t get bored of reading the same thing over and over, leaving me with quite a nice mix of Southern Gothic, Young Adult ghost stories, creepy Thrillers, a seaside story and one about fairies. Basically I’ve picked a book from each of my favourite genres for this Readathon so I’m pretty sure I’ll have fun!

“Sweet Unrest” by Lisa Maxwell 336 pages

I’m going to kick off this Readathon with Lisa Maxwell’s Young Adult novel “Sweet Unrest”. I’ve already read 90 pages of it, so the remaining 240 pages will make for a good start, since I already know I love this book. I’ve had this book on hold since last May actually but I don’t really know why I didn’t finish it back then – sometimes I do that. There’s nothing about “Sweet Unrest” I don’t like. It’s a beautiful Southern Gothic ghost story, set in Louisiana with a protagonist I’d love to be friends with.

“A Magic Dark and Bright” by Jenny Adams Perinovic 316 pages

I bought this book sometime last year, drawn by that beautiful cover. This is another Young Adult ghost story, set in Pennsylvania, that I’m really looking forward to. I don’t really know what to expect from this one so I’m planning on letting it surprise me! Judging from the blurb and cover though, this one will be quite a dark read and probably a romantic one as well. 316 pages is quite a lot of course, which is why I think I will tackle this book second. It might be quite similar to “Sweet Unrest” since there’s an endorsement by Lisa Maxwell on the cover, so I hope I won’t be sick of ghost stories once I start this one! (I will never be sick of ghost stories, so I guess I’m good.)

“The Vanishing of Katharina Linden” by Helen Grant 287 pages

Helen Grant is my favourite author and this is the only book by her I haven’t read yet. It’s a psychological Thriller set in Germany, so it’s going to be a nice change from American ghost stories, I guess. 287 pages is quite a lot to read all at once but I normally go through Helen Grant books really fast, so this is probably the right choice for my third book this Saturday. It’s an unusual Thriller since its protagonist is a ten year old girl (it’s not a children’s book though!) and it’s set in Germany. I’ve had it on my Kindle for about two years now, so it’s time to finally read it! Helen Grant’s Thrillers are usually quite scary so I guess this one will keep me awake better than caffeine would.

“Siren’s Storm” by Lisa Papademetriou 288 pages

At just one page more than “Katharina Linden”, this might also be quite a lot to read all at once but I’m really looking forward to this one too. I’ve owned a super pretty German edition of this novel since 2011 and the only reason I haven’t read this book yet is that I’ve been reading something else already everytime it caught my eye again sitting on my shelf and luring me towards it like a siren. So I’ve essentially been like “I’ll read that next!” since 2011. I guess it’s time, no? I have also chosen this one since I’m going to read it in German and I think the change in language might actually be quite good for my brain at this point. Also I love books about the ocean a lot and I love legends of mermaids and sirens so I’m pretty sure I will adore this one. If the weather is nice enough on Sunday morning (and if I’m not too tired to get on a bus), I might actually read this by the seaside! Wouldn’t that be cool?

“In Darkling Wood” by Emma Carroll 308 pages

I’ve always wanted to read a book by Emma Carroll so I bought “In Darkling Wood” for the Readathon, making it the only book that hasn’t been waiting on my tbr pile for ages. “In Darkling Wood” is a fairy story, intertwining the present day with flashbacks to 1918. I didn’t want to go without any historical novels this Readathon and I adore fairies just as much as I adore sirens, so I think this will be the perfect book to end the Readathon on. I don’t know too much about this book yet, I’m not even sure if it’s Middle Grade or Young Adult, but I know there’s going to be an old house somewhere in the English countryside, fairies and mysterious dark woods, so I’m sold! I actually can’t wait to read this one, so making it the last book on my list is my way of motivating myself to keep reading so I can get to this one.

“Languish” by Alyxandra Harvey 92 pages

“Languish” is my backup plan. It’s a novella, only 92 pages, and the sequel to one of my favourite books of all time, “Haunting Violet”. “Haunting Violet” is a beautiful ghost story set in Victorian England and I guess “Languish” will be too. So if I need some relief from one of my other books or if I should actually finish all my books before the Readathon is over (no matter how unlikely that is), I’ll have “Languish” to fall back on.


Readathon 2017

In contrast to Ella, I’ve been participating in the Readathon for 2 years now, though with… moderate success. The first year, I only managed 4 hours before I gave up (that was also a year when I only read 20 novels all in all, can you even imagine?), while I managed 7 hours last year. I’m a very slow reader, and I get tired of reading after a few hours, but there has obviously been quite a bit of improvement. Let’s see how far I’ll go this year, right?

I’ve learned from my past mistakes though, and for that reason I’ve not only gotten two different piles of books – one backup pile and one essential pile, but I’ve also added non-fiction to my fiction, a murder mystery to my fantasy and an audiobook to my paperbacks. Maybe I’ll even manage to pull the all-nighter this year. Fingers crossed!

“The Horse and his Boy” by C.S.Lewis 175 pages

My original plan last year was to read all of the Chronicles of Narnia books, and I came as far as … The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Heh. Though I have to say I also read The Magician’s Nephew, so that’s at least two instead of one, I guess? Honestly, I just can’t read too much C.S.Lewis all at once. I’m a Tolkien girl forever and ever, but one Lewis should be alright. And I really want to finish this series at some point. So, the Horse and his Boy it is. I’ll start with this, when I’m as awake as I’m gonna be during the readathon, so the chances of me falling asleep are smaller.

“Wishful Drinking” by Carrie Fisher 156 pages

The first of my two non-fiction books this year, and something I’ve been wanting to read ever since the renewed Carrie Fisher hype that followed Star Wars – The Force Awakens. With Carrie having gone the way of the stars (RIP), I’ve never quite been able to pick it up. So I’m going to pick it up on Saturday and maybe have the one or other laugh with our dear space mom.

“The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” by Agatha Christie 304 pages

I love Poirot so much, and I’ve been loving him since I picked up “Murder on the Nile” when I was 12 or 13. I’ve still not read all of his books, and I’ve already forgotten the plot of a few, so I’m reading as much of his stories in English now as possible (most of the books I’ve read were in German). I hope this is going to pull me through the late night lull.

“The Two Princesses of Bamarre” by Gail Carson Levine 241 Seiten

I’ve read “Ella Enchanted” about two years ago, and I just love the worlds Carson Levine builds in her children’s books. This is going to be fun and fast to read, I hope, and it’s the last of my ‘essential pile’.

“The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle more hours than 24

Since I’m pretty sure that my eyes are going to hate me after a while, especially when I read at night, I’ve put this audiobook on my list so I’ll be able to close my eyes and still ‘read’. I’ve already listened to “A Study in Scarlet”, and I’ve started on “The Sign of the Four”, but I kind of got confused at some point, so I’m starting that one again (my thoughts sometimes start wandering while I listen to an audiobook, and then I have to rewind…). I’m definitely not going to get through all of this, but it’ll be a nice change from my paperbacks.

“Skulduggery Pleasant” by Derek Landy 371 pages

This is the first of my backup pile-books, and to be honest, I don’t know a lot about Skulduggery Pleasant except that it’s supposed to be fun and fast. If I should get stuck with any of my other books, this is where I’ll go.

“Die Seitensprünge der Habsburger” by Robert Seydel (Habsburgean Infidelities) 201 pages

A non-fiction book about the affairs and sex scandals of the Habsburg royal family, and the one German book in the pile. I generally read German a little faster than English, because I can actually speedread German a little, so this seemed like a logical choice as a backup book.

“Gods Behaving Badly” by Marie Phillips 277 pages

This last of my backup books has been with me since 2007, but I’ve yet to read it. I bought it on my second trip to Ireland, but since then, my interest in Greek mythology has waned rapidly, which is kind of ironic because I was such a huge mythology geek from 12 to 16. Anyway, since it has been lying around for ages, I’ve decided I’m going to try and read it now, if I get a sudden hankering for funny urban-fantasy style shenanigans.


That’s it! Ludo and I can barely wait for the Readathon now. Wish us luck please! And do tell us what books you’re reading this Readathon or which of our books you would also like to read some day or already have read! If you want to know how we’re doing, check in on us on Twitter and Instagram, we’re planning on documenting this Readathon for posterity there!

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