Welcome to The Bookabelles book blog! We’re Ludovica and Ella, your trusty bookish belles. We love talking about books and we’re here to help you find your new favourite story. Who exactly are we? Just two avid readers in their mid-twenties reading our way through Fantasy and dystopian worlds, haunted houses and creepy graveyards, romantic ecounters, all time periods and much more.


Hi, I’m Ella. I’m an historian and archaeologist from the coast of the North Sea. If you’d guess my favourite genre was historical fiction, you’d be absolutely right! I also love young adult and fantasy literature, but I can also get lost in a dystopian story or some good chilling horror and gothic lit. I also like romantic chick lit, mysteries and thrillers. My favourite authors include Tanya Huff, Sophie Kinsella, Holly Black and Leigh Bardugo.


Hi there, I’m Ludovica! I’m a translator and aspiring librarian from the center of the Alps. I love a whole lot of genres, from historical romance to young adult dystopias and mysteries, but the genres that will always be closest to my heart are fantasy and science fiction. I am an absolute Tolkien-nerd and I love reading about non-human beings. My favorite authors (next to the Professor) are Dianna Wynne Jones, Georgette Heyer and Agatha Christie, though I also read books that have been published after the 70s 😉